About Us

With over 15 years of experience on the field of Information Technology and Communication, we strive to deliver solutions which creates value while delivering high quality services and we grow together with our Customers.


We offer high variety of software development services; our focus is to deliver clean code which creates a secure environment implementing best security features while supplying high performance for the code. Working close with the client and offering all the necessary information for creating high quality systems.


We supply system audits, focusing on security baseline and supplying best practices for your business. We can evaluate you IT assets, setting up different solutions for system checking and event management. We organize awareness trainings for your team and help to secure your business.


We can help your business to understand your IT Systems, benchmark them while we can offer the best solution to upgrade them if necessary. We offer services to help you to decrease your IT expenses, we help with new projects, implementations and can offer internal trainings for your users on different topics.

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The best way to help yourself is that you let us to help you, please contact us using the form below.

Arad, Sanpaul street 5 nr. 88 (004) 0740 - 956 200 office@nivre.ro nivre.ro